HCXY 2019 New Fashion Spring Men’s Casual Shirts Men Long sleeve Slim fit Shirt camisas masculinas small floral Printing design

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How can I choose a correct size ?

METHOD 1 : Measure your old clothes which suit you well to get your size info , then check the size chart to find your size .

METHOD 2 : Tell us your weight , height and waist ect info , and ask us to suggest your size .

METHOD 3 : Leave a notice with your detailed info (weight , height and waist is the most important) , ask us to send the correct size .

Why is the size still unsuitable even if I provided the info and communicated with the seller ?

POSSIBILITY 1 : You are special body feature , maybe beer belly , tall but thin , athelete body , thick legs , heavy load but thin .

POSSIBILITY 2 : Different factories and different clothes have different size standard .

POSSIBILITY 3 : You may not know how to measure your old clothes correctly , so maybe your info is not completely correct .

POSSIBILITY 4 : You may have lost some weight or put on some weight recently , because the shipping may be a little long .

POSSIBILITY 5 : You may need to put on long johns or sweaters or some other clothes inside .

POSSIBILITY 6 : We have sent the goods before your reply , so we can’t change the size for you .

POSSIBILITY 7 : Some customers prefer loose style ,while some prefer slim fit style , different people have different judge standard .

What can we do to avoid a wrong size ?

1. Please measure your old clothes which suit you well correctly , you can follow the following picture .

2. If you are on a diet or going to put on weight , if you are athelete or beer belly ect , please take these into consideration .

3. If you prefer loose or slim fit style , if you will put on long johns or sweaters inside , please also let us know .

4. It’s better to make the size clear before your order .

5. We will check the clothes more carefully , and measure the clothes to make sure that it match the size table before sending out .

Size Chart
Asian Size shoulder chest Length sleeve
M 42 94 68 60
L 43 98 69 61
XL 44 102 70 62
XXL 45 106 71 63
3XL 46 110 72 64
4XL 47 114 73 65
5XL 48 118 74 66
Hand measurement will have discrepancy of about 1-3cm (1inch=2.54cm)
Recommend Size Chart
Height Weight Height
50kg 55kg 60kg 65kg 70kg 75kg 80kg 85kg 90kg 95kg 100kg
160cm M M L L XL XXL XXL 3XL 4XL 5XL / 5’5”
165cm M M L L XL XXL XXL 3XL 4XL 5XL / 5’5”
170cm M L L L XL XXL 3XL 4XL 4XL 5XL / 5’7”
175cm L L L XL XL XXL XXL 3XL 4XL 4XL / 5’9”
180cm / XL XL XL XXL XXL 3XL 4XL 4XL 5XL / 5’11”
185cm / / XXL XXL XXL 3XL 3XL 4XL 4XL 5XL / 6’1”
190cm / / / 3XL 3XL 3XL 4XL 4XL 5XL 5XL / 6’3”
110lbs 120lbs 130lbs 143lbs 155lbs 165lbs 175lbs 188lbs 200lbs 210lbs 220lbs

Recommend size chart for reference only ! Please fill your weight and height in the note when placing your order , so that we can help suggest your size .


1. What can I do if the shipping is too slow ?

Please pay attention to the tracking information after order .
If the time is going to run out , you can ask us to extend the protecting days for you or ask for a refund .
Please do not let the time run out and do nothing , or you will not be able to open dispute even if the goods cannot arrive on time .

2. Is there any color difference with the product ?

Normally there is no color difference .
Several products may have a little color difference .
It may be caused by some other reasons such as color reflection in the mo-nitor , lighting ,background etc .
And there may also be some color difference when the clothes is producting .
If you really care about such problem , please ask us about the clothes you like before making an order , we can take photos for you .

3. Why is the product not as good as it looks in the picture ?

Dear friend , in order to lose weight in air transport , we have to remove cardboard and pins .
So the item you receive may not look like in the pictures , it might be wrinkle after a long shipping .
Please wash and iron it before your first wearing , it will look much better on you .
But if it’s quality problem , please feel free to ask us for help , we would like to solve the problem together .

4. I’m really unhappy , I have come across a quality problem , would you compensate me ?

We will check every clothes carefully before sending out , but we may neglect some problems .
A wrong size , a wrong color , color difference , a broken pocket , fabric not as description , stain spot or anything else .
If you come across such problems , please feel free to contact us .
If it’s our fault , we would like to compensate you .
We will refund you by PayPal , dispute or coupon , or we can send you a present .

5. I’m dropshipping , can you provide me with discount , can you send me product picture and wideo without your logo ? Of course we will do our best to provide what you need and make your customers satisfied . Please feel free to contact us and tell us more about your bussiness .

6. Why is the down jacket not that warm in the winter ? All our clothes are made in China , so they are made for the seasons in China . If the winter in your country is much colder than that of China , you will not feel warm in it . Maybe you can wear a sweater inside . If you can consider about such problem in advance , you will make a better choice . 7. Why do I see a belt in the picture but you don’t send me one ? Sorry to make you confused , but we just sell the pants , the belt is just for decration when taking the picture . We will improve such problem by uploading new pictures without belt in the future .


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