Universal USB Charger Wall Travel mobile Phone Charger AC/DC Power Adapter 2A fast charge For iPhone iPad Samsung Tablet PC WIFI

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*The product design is very simple and elegant, does not belong to very beautiful type, and It weighs approximately 50 grams, compared with the same general type of product to be heavier! The product is characterized by high power and extremely stable output, comparable to first-line brand!

*The actual charge current depends not only on the charger power, also depends on the maximum current carrying your cell phone and other digital products, such as tablets charging current is usually larger than a mobile phone. In addition, also depending on the charging cable quality and the conversion rate of your digital devices, etc.

*Although the product actual test results maximum output current of up to 3.1A! But this is a limit beyond which the maximum load, the charger will cut off the output to protect itselves. Best working status of this product is to 2.4A load and below,to ensure stable operation of the charger for a long time.

*Please note that,This charger does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology and other Quickcharging technology, but because the charger can provide high power output, it can meet the rapid charging of ordinary digital products.

Brand / model: UBP-008

Product Name: Universal high-quality phone charger

Product solutions: IC

Input voltage: 110-240VAC (AC)

Output voltage: 5V (DC)

Output rated current: 3A (3100mA)

Nominal current: 2A(Current design:to maintain constant output power for a long time on this load)

Indicator: None

Output voltage regulation: ± 5.0%

Output ripple & noise: ≤80mVp-p

Delayed start time: Start time ≤500ms, hold time ≥20ms

Efficiency: 75%

Protection: short circuit protection, over-current protection, overload protection

Environmental requirements: Operating temperature: -10 ~ + 60 full load

Storage temperature: 5% -95% RH (non-condensing)

Product testing projects: No-load voltage, input current, load voltage, output ripple, shell landing and visual inspection

DC Output mode: USB (Universal Interface)

Applications:High power,stable output,can be used for mobile phones,tablet PCs and other digital products fast charge,can also be used for WIFI and wireless cameras and other electronic devices


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